Name : Hartej Sidhu

Born : 13th April , 1984 : India

Hometown : Chandigarh

Education : Masters in Engineering : Electrical and Computer Engineering

Bachelors in Engineering : Electronics and Telecommunications

Present Location :  43.6571°N 79.3771°W

Career Interests :  Wireless/RF networks , Digital Systems Design

Website ,


Favorite books : Just After Sunset , Cockroach , White tiger , The Reader , De-Niro’s game , ShantaRam

Music : Godsmack , Creed , Alterbridge , Nirvana , Plain white T’s,My chemical romance , Metallica,Coldplay, Kanye west,Akon,Snoop dogg,T.I,Justin Timberlake, Astral Projection, Astrix, System Nipel, Skazi, GMS, Rajaram, BPM, Mekannika, David Guetta, Prodigy, Basshunter etx….

More Updates coming soon ….. Under Construction 🙂

Disclaimer : Read it somerights20


One Response to “All about me”

  1. Ravneet Says:

    nice sequence of colours used! very informative links available. good job A++++ lol

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