Disclaimer : Buy a Real Mac of you like it , this is just to give a taste of the OS.

Hi Readers,

I have this bad habit of breaking fully working systems and playing around with Operating Systems(OS) trying to tweak them , edit kernels (oh i love you Linux) and write drivers for my hardware. I am currently multiple Os’s on my system and all booting off a worn out WD desktop hard drive ( WD’s are good in the long run).

MaC , i am just in love with this new OS to which i got exposed about two weeks earlier . But this journey of getting a perfectly working OS on my non-mac Intel hardware was a big challenge . The two weeks of endless nights finally paid off with a full-featured installation with much credit to folks at InsanelyMac. This short project was based on my IBM T43 aging laptop which plays around with testing OS’es most of the time( Linux being the primary one).

I have put together a small guide to get Mac OSx working on my IBM laptop. My specs are :

IBM T43 , 60 GB , 1 GB RAM , 1.7 GHZ Intel Centrino , Intel GMA 900/915 , Intel Pro Wireless 2200BG ( Big headache).

Os version used : Kalyway 10.5.1 known for its best compatibility.

Steps : 1) Get a version of ISO of kalyway’s 10.5.1 version of Mac OSx from the “pirate of the internet seas” and burn to a DVD disc.

2)Boot up the system with the disc and get a cup coffee while you out. Oh i forgot , you need to shorten the VGA pins no. 6 and 12 using a paper metal clip for the OS to identify LCD as an external monitor.


3)After a long wait when you get to the main screen select the language and go into disk utility ( Top menu ,tools drop down ). Select the partition on your HDD to format as HFS+ partition MAC OS journaled partition for the install.

4) Next install only needed patches , in our case SSE2 kernel , Azalia_out package and MbR partition system. Please only use the option as told here . That’s it for now and wait for some time. 🙂

5)The first boot should work good now and you can put in all the details pertaining to your personal information. The OS should boot up good but with no Wireless connection . The wireless drives can be found here ,download the 10.5 version.Install the package and

Run this in your terminal:

sudo -s

chmod -R 755 /System/Library/Extensions

chown -R root:wheel /System/Library/Extensions

rm -rf /System/Library/Extensions.mkext (if exists)

rm -rf /System/Library/Extensions.kextcache (if exists)

6) Reboot the system and you should be able to connect to WEP and unsecured networks (for now).

Personally i never liked the paperclip thing sticking into the VGA port , so next step would be to remove it and get the eyecandy ( QE/CI working ) on the new Mac OS system.

Installing the new kexts will run the display without the paperclip and get QE/CI working . The package can be found here. Just follow the instructions for the kexts and it will be all fine .

So , i guess now you would like to see it working in real time . Screenshots attached below reflect the working system :


Finally we have a fully working MaC Osx Intel Based system .

Credits : InsanelyMac.com , Hackint0sh.org

P.S. : No OS update to 10.5.6 for now , do not want to break my working system as  exam days are coming around but i ll update the post with new updates.

My next buy is a Macbook for sure 🙂 .

Open to any questions.


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